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Leisure & Lifestyle

Recreation and leisure activities are key to maintaining health and well being and ensuring that Huntingdon Gardens is a happy and vibrant place for our residents to live.

The activity programme at Huntingdon Gardens aims to engage and enrich our residents’ lives physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually as well as socially.

This program includes (but is not limited to):

  • Physical: morning exercise program, sports day, ballroom dancing, bowling, beach walks.
  • Mental: trivia, craft, art, memory magic.
  • Emotional: reminiscing, music therapy, choir, concerts, pet therapy, snoozalan room.
  • Spiritual: multi-dominational church services and visits, communion.
  • Social: happy hour, BBQ days, picnics, themed days, men's shed / group.

There are many other activities to engage our resident and we are always happy to integrate any suggestion.

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Room Types

  • Extra Services Single Premium Suites

    Non Extra Services Single or Shared Rooms

    Dementia or Concession Units

    Please contact us for availability and details

    (02) 9597 1655