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COVID-19 Update

Updated: 1/9/2020

We currently have in place a COVID 19 Outbreak Management plan and a first 24-hour response plan which details all the response instruction on how to deal and respond in the event of a positive COVID -19 case within the facility. As of 17th July 2020, staff working at Huntingdon Gardens have a requirement to only work in one health care facility or setting. Staff and any other visitor including trades people, doctors, pathologist etc. are required to undergo strict screening before the commencement of each shift. This screening process includes: Temperature checking, answering of screening or risk questions including provide evidence of Flu vaccination. Staff are also required to wear surgical face mask and are being regularly assessed on handwashing and putting on (Donning) and removing (Doffing) ALL PPE. All visitors to the facility are also required to undergo the same screening process and wear surgical face mask and gloves whilst in the facility Residents are receiving regular weekly updates advising them of the situation regarding visitation and COVID -19. Visiting restriction are always very carefully based around NSW Health advise and families updated by text message whenever this advise changes. Links to : NSW Health latest advise and updates page as well as NSW Health COVID -19 advice for aged care services page are provided below.

If you should have any further queries regarding our action regarding COVID 19 or any concerns, please contact the facility management on 02 9597 1655 or by email at

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